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everyone hates teen wolf until they start watching teen wolf


Dr. Shelby helps Kane & Daniel Bryan work through their anger issues - Part 2: Raw, Sept. 24, 2012 (by WWEFanNation)



Gethin Anthony at Wales Con 2012! (+101 MORE HERE!) Please credit if you use them!

The best friend just started watching Once Upon A Time.

Some choice comments from his texts to me: (spelling/grammatical errors included to show his stress and excitement, spoilers for the first season)

  • Omfg! The sheriff is banging the queen! Omg omg this shit has got me flippin out. I wanted him and emma to get together and raise henry.
  • I hate snow’s haircut. I fucking can’t stand it. [I defend it because of my raging girl boner for Mary Margaret.] I can’t stand it, snow and henry have the same fucking haircut.
  • Omg I just thought Archie died. I almost had a heart attack! Thank god for his shitty umbrella. Like that would happen and land in her keychain. I just like creamed a little when he stood up to regina. I was like omfg yeah boy!
  • [on Regina] Lol that will be me one day. Just you wait.

And then, when I was saying goodnight to him, I said, “Get some sleep, Evil Queen.” And he said, “You too, peasant.”

This guy. He’s lucky I love him.

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The look on Mr. Gold’s face when Belle told him that she loved him.

The look on Mr. Gold’s face when Belle told him that she loved him.

OUAT meme | ten characters
Graham [9/10]
“The wolves are my family.”